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7 Welding Tools And Their Uses

7 Welding Tools And Their Uses

What are the different welding tools and their uses?

  1. Welding mask
  2. Welding goggles
  3. Welding gloves
  4. Welding magnets
  5. Chipping hammer
  6. Angle grinder
  7. Welding machine

Welding is a fabrication process that requires the usage of heat and pressure. More than that, welding also involves several tools before a finished product is made. This includes tools that you use to work with your materials and also items that you use to protect yourself while working. If you’re interested, below is a list of welding tools and their uses! Keep on reading. 


Welding Mask


Welding is a dangerous task, so welders wear masks or helmets to protect their face, eyes, and neck against heat, sparks, UV light, infrared light, and flash burns. It’s one of the personal protective equipment required if you plan to be a welder.

Most welding masks feature a lens shade that you can look through as you work. Standard welding masks with impact-resistant shells and automatic welding masks which can be powered are available at Tolsen for reasonable prices. 


Welding Goggles

Welding Goggles

Welding goggles are another safety equipment required for welders. These are made to provide protection when gas welding or oxygen cutting. The goggles can protect your eyes from heat, intense light, and flying debris.

Tolsen’s welding goggles come with a flip-design and open-close locking position for convenience. The outer glass lens is colored, while the inner glass lens is transparent. Other than that, the PVC frame is soft and lightweight, so you can wear it for a long time without problems. 


Welding Gloves


Welding gloves are another component of a welder’s personal protective equipment. These can protect the hands from welding hazards without sacrificing grip.

One of the most popular materials used for welding gloves is cow split leather. Split grain is the leather that remains when the outer layer of the hide is removed. It offers high resistance to abrasion. Cowhide is robust and resistant to sparks, spatter, and abrasion, which makes it a great choice for welding.


Welding Magnets

Welding magnets contain strong magnets for squaring and holding ferromagnetic metals, such as materials high in iron, nickel, or cobalt. The magnets can hold the pieces in position, which makes work easier for welders. This tool can easily keep your hands free, so you can work more conveniently.

Tolsen’s magnetic welding holder is available in various sizes, and can be used for different working angles — 45°, 75°, or 135°. It’s made with high-quality pressed steel with a strong magnet.


Chipping Hammer

Chipping Hammer

A chipping hammer is a welding tool used for cleaning and removing slag from welds. A slag is the waste matter that separates from metals during welding. This tool is useful for making welding cleaner and more manageable. 

Tolsen’s welding chipping hammer is specially made for the job. It has a chisel on one side and a point on the other side, which is useful for getting into tight spots. The spring handle is added for shock resistance. 


Angle Grinder

An angle grinder can cut through metal, so it’s a useful tool for every welder. It’s essential for preparing metal before welding and cleaning up and finishing welds. You can use it to remove rust, paint, or dirt on a workpiece before welding. For finishing up, it’s also useful for removing the slag that has built up. 

If you’re looking for an angle grinder, Tolsen has plenty of options. From regular angle grinders to industrial ones, you will surely find the power that you need to cut through metals.


Welding Machine

Welding Machine

A welding machine is a tool used to join materials. Welding machines can generate heat that melts the metal parts. Once the metal cools, it fixes the joint parts together. There are different types of welding machines, but all of them are critical for the same task. 

If you’re looking for an industrial welding machine, we have it here at Tolsen. It has IGBT inverter technology.  Other than that, you can also take a look at our pipe welding machine sets too. 


Key Takeaway

Before you tackle welding, you need to undergo training, and this includes knowing the different welding tools and their uses. Hopefully, this list has helped you understand the importance of these tools and how they can help you perform a good job welding. Other than that, these can also protect you from harm while working. 

If you’re interested in purchasing any of the tools above, you can order them online here at Tolsen! We can help you order, receive, and pay for your items on the same day. Other than welding tools, we also have plenty of power tools, hand tools, garden tools, and many more. You can check out our products here for more information.

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