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4 Possible Uses of Chisels

4 Possible Uses of Chisels

What are some possible uses of chisels?

  1. Woodwork
  2. Metalwork
  3. Art
  4. Masonry

When we think of a chisel, most of our minds go straight to sculptures. Sculptors use chisels to create art. Aside from that, there are actually many uses of chisels in different industries. It’s a versatile hand tool. That’s why having chisels in your toolbox is advisable, even if you’re a DIY home mechanic.

For starters, a chisel is a cutting tool. It has a sharpened edge at the end of the blade, and it is used with other tools such as a mallet or a hammer. It can be used to shape wood, stone, or metal. The very first chisels were made of flint, but at Tolsen, our steel chisels are more durable and effective. To use it, you put the chisel on the material and strike it down with a mallet or hammer to cut through. This is the reason why it is very effective against hard materials like stone and metal.

To learn more about the different applications of chisels in different industries, keep reading below!



When it comes to building materials, wood is relatively soft. If chisels are strong enough to break down stone and metal, they are definitely capable of whittling down portions of wood. 

There are several types of chisels used for woodworking. Some are large to cut down big parts of the wood, while some are smaller. That’s how they are usually used: the large one first to cut away a lot of the wood, then the small chisels to refine the features.

You’ll find that woodworking chisels are used in making wood joints, furniture, and many other parts of woodworking. There are three main types:

  • Bench Chisel – These are multipurpose chisels that are used very often. They are good for paring and chopping wood, and they can be used shaped as a beveled edge.
  • Mortise Chisel – As its name suggests, this chisel is used to chop mortises.
  • Paring Chisel – Because it’s used for paring, this chisel has thin steel and a low-angle blade to help with slicing the finer grain of the wood. Unlike other types of chisels, the paring chisel should not be struck with a mallet, only with the hands.

These three basic types of chisels are enough for a woodworking project, but you can add some more tools to the mix.


For metalworking, there are two general types of chisels: cold chisels and hot chisels. Cold chisels are those used without the help of heat or a forge. As you can expect, hot chisels are heated up.

Cold chisels are great for removing small metal parts like screws, bolts, nails, rivets, and brackets. They are also used for other functions like cutting sheet metal or chipping other metals. As long as you were the right safety equipment, cold chisels are great tools to have in the workshop.

On the other hand, hot chisels are often used in blacksmith workshops. The angle of the blade is at 30° and they are very frequently dipped in water to prevent the heat from deforming them. Thanks to the heat, they can be used to cut and shape other hot steel pieces.



In art, chisels are used mainly for carving stone, marble, and other sculpting materials. But, chisels are also used for other media like carving wood or woodcut printing. As long as carving or engraving is involved, a chisel will often be used. Artists use specialized chisels for sculptures, and these chisels are not the same as the ones used in other industries.



Masonry chisels are heavier and stronger, but also typically have a duller edge than other chisels. These are designed for heavier work, being able to handle enough force to break down stone. You will always encounter masonry chisels in demolition work as they can be mounted on jackhammers and hammer drills. Some, like this flat chisel from Tolsen, are equipped with SDS or SDS-Plus connections so they can be fitted in other power tools.

Other than demolition jobs, these chisels are used to carve stone either for sculptures or construction, and they can be used for stone engravings as well. Since there are many types of stones, bricks, and concrete, you can find a wide range of chisels for each function as well.

Key Takeaway

The many uses of chisels prove that they are not limited to artists and sculptors — they can be used by workers in different industries as well! If you’re someone who has to work with wood (making furniture, for example) or stone at home, then having the right chisel at your disposal would be a great help!

If you want high-quality chisels or other tools for your home, then you need to get them from a trusted brand! Tolsen combines good customer service and top-notch craftsmanship to bring you the best hand tools, power tools, gardening tools, and everything else you can fill your toolbox with! We now deliver nationwide, so you can shop for our products online! For more inquiries, you may contact us here!

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