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The Only Screwdriver Bits Guide

The Only Screwdriver Bits Guide

What’s included in this screwdriver bits guide?

  1. What are screwdriver bits?
  2. Parts of a screwdriver bit
  3. Types of screwdriver bits
  4. Screwdriver bits usage tips

Several power tools, such as cordless screwdrivers, save time and effort on applications where you have to work with a number of screws. They’re useful for jobs around the house, such as removing a cabinet door, removing a battery cover from an appliance, or replacing an outlet cover. This type of tool is also utilized by professionals too. To maximize the use of the power tool, you also need to learn about bits. Below is a screwdriver bits guide to help you. 


What Are Screwdriver Bits?

What Are Screwdriver Bits?

When using a cordless screwdriver, it’s important to have the right bits. Screwdriver bits are the detachable metal components that are made to fit the chuck end of screwdrivers. These are available in various sizes and shapes depending on the job.

Some cordless screwdrivers already come with bits that can be used for a varied range of tasks and applications. One example is the Tolsen Cordless Screwdriver which has 18 pieces of 25mm screwdriver bits, 2 pieces 50mm screwdriver bits, and 3 pieces HSS twist drill bits. All of these, along with the power tool itself is available for an affordable price at Tolsen!

Other than that, you can also purchase separate screwdriver bits sets if needed. These come in different amounts and varieties depending on your needs. Below are some of our recommendations:

Parts Of A Screwdriver Bit

Parts Of A Screwdriver Bit

To effectively use a screwdriver, you need to learn how to attach it properly to your power tool. You can’t properly drive screws if the bits don’t fit the head accurately. There are different bits that are designed for different screw heads, and all of these have parts in common:

Screwdriver Bit Shank

The screwdriver bit shank is designed to slot to the screwdriver chuck. This is usually hexagonal in cross-section. 

Screwdriver Bit Tip

The screwdriver bit tip is the pointed end that makes contact with the head of the screw. Different bits have different shapes and sizes and will depend on the fastener you’re driving. 


Types Of Screwdriver Bits

If you’re planning to purchase a cordless screwdriver soon, or are looking for more bits to add to your collection, it’s useful to know the different screwdriver bit configuration types. 

Slotted/ Flathead

Slotted and flathead screwdriver bits are the oldest form available. These work with slotted screws. These are not that common anymore and are also not suitable for power tools.


One of the most used screwdriver bits, Phillips bits drive the most popular type of screw. The name originated from the inventor Henry F. Phillips. This bit has a pointed cross-head tip that matches the self-centering, cross-head screw.


Pozidrive bits are similar to Phillips bits. These offer another four points of contact to grasp screws securely. These contact points lessen the chances of cam out. 


This type of screwdriver bit is shaped like a 6-sided star. It’s made to specifically resist cam-out compared to Phillips or slotted bits. These are also known by another name — the Star bits.

Square Recess

Square recess is known for its ‘stick fit’ into the screw head. The Square Recess screw can be securely held in place on the tip of the screwdriver bit. These are also often called the Robertson bit. 

Allen or Hex

Commonly used for furniture and automotive applications, Allen or hex drill bits are made to withstand greater torque.


Screwdriver Bits Usage Tips

When using a cordless screwdriver and screwdriver bits, keep the following tips in mind:

Choosing The Right Size Or Type

Choosing the wrong screwdriver bit for your screw can cause distress and difficulty with driving. It’s important to choose the bit size that will fill the screw head properly. Something that is too big or too small will not work properly. This usually strips or damages the screw head. 

Dealing With Cam Out

Cam-out happens when a screwdriver bit slips out of the screw head’s recessed slot. This usually occurs when the torque of the tool exceeds that bit’s grip. This can result in damage to surrounding items and surfaces.

Some types of screw bits and heads were made to allow cam-out, such as the Phillips head. This was done to avoid damaging workpieces through excessive torque. While others, like Pozidrive and Torx, and made to prevent cam-out. 

Practice Is Key

If you’re new to using a cordless screwdriver, or other similar power tools, it’s a good idea to practice on a piece of wood first before working on the actual project. This will help you learn to be familiar with the tool and know how to control it well. Other than that, make sure to study the manual for your power tool too.


Key Takeaway

Having different screwdriver bits on hand is useful, so you can work with various projects that require different screw heads. If this screwdriver bits guide has helped you, we encourage you to check out our cordless screwdrivers and bits sets here at Tolsen! We only use the best materials for our products, so you can use them for a long time. Aside from that, we also offer our tools and accessories for competitive prices.

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