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4 Uses of a Rotary Hammer

4 Uses of a Rotary Hammer

What are the uses of a rotary hammer?

  1. Drilling through stone and concrete
  2. Chiseling work
  3. Removing tiles
  4. Breaking hard soil

A rotary hammer is a useful power tool that can be used in many different ways. It looks a lot like an impact drill, but it is used in other situations. While some rotary hammer uses coincide with that of an impact drill or hammer drill, the rotary hammer sets itself apart by the amount of force it can generate and what it can do.

The rotary hammer has an electro-pneumatic impact mechanism that gives it that harder hit. The inside of the power tool has an electric motor that diverts its rotational movement through the drive bearing and the piston for the lifting movement. The air pressure from the piston being driven forward is what creates the powerful hammering motion in the drill itself. This allows it to break up harder materials as the drill rotates, making for a good precision tool while dealing with stone or concrete. 

Why Get A Rotary Hammer?

Why Get A Rotary Hammer?

If you rank all types of drills based on the power they carry, the rotary hammer is somewhere in the middle. It is more powerful than your typical impact drill which is good for wood or other soft materials or screwing. However, it also isn’t as powerful as tools such as a demolition hammer, a combination hammer, and of course, a jackhammer. So there are specific times when you should use a rotary hammer.

You should get a rotary hammer when you’re drilling with something hard, but not too hard that you’d need demolition tools. Rotary hammers are also known for their ability to stay precise during use. The biggest advantage of the rotary hammer is its versatility. Below, we’ll talk about the other uses of a rotary hammer. Keep reading to learn more!

Drilling through stone and concrete

As mentioned before, rotary hammers are used for harder materials. Both stone and concrete are much stronger than wood and cannot be broken up by an impact hammer. If you need to drill holes or even break up stone and concrete, the rotary hammer is your choice. After all, this is the tool’s main purpose.

In addition, you use the rotary hammer if you want a clean job with stone and concrete. If being neat isn’t a problem, then maybe a sledgehammer is what you need. But some jobs require finesse and precision.

Chiseling work

Chiseling work

With an SDS chuck, the rotary hammer can be used for chiseling work, as long as you also have the necessary drill. You will attach the chisel onto the chuck instead of the drill bit. You can then proceed with any chiseling work that needs to be done — you can start shaping anything made of stone however you want or even break down entire walls.

There are several types of chisel attachments to the rotary hammer. Some of them include a cold chisel, for breaking up stone and concrete, the bull point chisel for creating starting holes in concrete, and the scaling chisel to remove weld spatter and rust. The most reliable tool suppliers include some of these chisels in the package when you buy the tool. Tolsen’s Industrial Rotary Hammer would even include 2 chisels, 3 hammer drills, 1 wrench, and many others!

Removing tiles

There is also a special attachment for the rotary hammer that makes it effective at removing tiles. The tile remover bit is a flat-edged accessory that you can attach to the SDS chuck, and when set to hammer mode, the rotary hammer will be able to remove tiles as easily as a spatula flipping a burger. Having a rotary hammer at your disposal when de-tiling a place will save you plenty of time and effort.

Breaking hard soil

Breaking hard soil

In some jobs, you would encounter soil that’s hardened almost as much as a rock. And you guessed it, there’s a rotary hammer attachment that can help you break it up. If your rotary hammer happens to use an SDS Max chuck, you can attach a clay spade to it. It will then be incredibly easy to break up hard soil using hammer mode.

This is also a good reason why it’s a good idea to buy an SDS plus adaptor, so you can maximize all the many uses of a rotary hammer.

Key Takeaway

The combination of its power, its versatility, and all its other capabilities make the rotary hammer a valuable asset to have in your toolbox. Whether you’re a construction worker or a home mechanic, an industrial rotary hammer would always prove itself useful and a good investment.

To ensure that quality, you should always choose the right place and brand to get your tools from. Luckily for you, you’re already in the right place! Tolsen provides the best quality power tools you can find! Try browsing through our products here to see if you find anything else you like! Want to make sure you’re choosing the right brand? Read more about Tolsen Tools here!

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