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6 Reasons Why You Need Tool Lanyards

6 Reasons Why You Need Tool Lanyards

What are the reasons why you need tool lanyards?

  1. Prevent tools from falling while working at heights 
  2. Reduce the chances of serious harm from falling tools
  3. Minimize costs linked with injuries and damages
  4. Keep your company’s reputation safe
  5. Ensure tools are handy and accessible
  6. Reduce time wasted on retrieval 

Working at heights is a serious task, and it’s important to not only secure your own safety but also the safety of others around and below you. Accidentally dropping your tool can lead to serious injuries or damage to property. This is why a tool lanyard, which is also often called a tool tether, should be used to attach a tool to a worker while working at heights. If you want to know the reasons why you need tool lanyards, keep on reading!


Prevent Tools From Falling While Working At Heights

Prevent Tools From Falling While Working At Heights

The main use of tool lanyards is to prevent your precious tools from accidentally falling to the ground below while you’re working from a high place. Using this tool is extremely simple and easy. All you need is to fasten one end of the lanyard to the tool. The other end should be connected to your tool belt, harness, wrist, or surrounding structure. If the tool accidentally falls down, it won’t hit the ground or the people and property below.

The Tolsen Tool Lanyard is useful if you regularly work at height. It has a 1.8 m length and is also very affordable. By using a tool lanyard, you can also safeguard your tools, which could be really expensive and hard to replace when they break from the fall.


Reduce The Chances Of Serious Harm From Falling Tools

Falling tools is a hazard that is often forgotten by people working at heights. This is because the workers’ fall safety is often the main priority. But some tools are especially dangerous — specifically those that are dense, heavy, and sharp. 

When a tool is dropped from a great height, it can cause serious injuries to the workers, bystanders, or pedestrians below. In the worst-case scenario, there could be a fatality. Not only people, but falling tools can also cause damage to objects, equipment, and structures. 

While hard hats, canopies, and other protective devices can help in protecting people from falling objects, it’s also important to have a tool lanyard because it can prevent tools from hitting people below in the first place. 


Minimize Costs Linked With Injuries And Damages

Minimize Costs Linked With Injuries And Damages

If a tool falls from a great height and injures a person below or causes damage to property, then you will be held responsible for compensation. This will surely cost a lot of money, but it’s nothing compared to the physical, mental, or emotional stress brought about by the accident to the affected people. 

Still, this could have been prevented by the simple act of using a tool lanyard. Make sure that workers on your site utilize tool lanyards when working at heights, so you can prevent accidents due to falling tools. 


Keep Your Company’s Reputation Safe

Causing injuries or property damage due to falling tools can ruin your reputation with potential customers. There are not many people who would like to work with someone who had accidents before, especially because it concerns safety. By encouraging the use of safety devices such as tool lanyards in your company, you can prevent accidents related to falling tools and keep your company’s good reputation.

Other than that, your workers would also feel that they’re being taken care of because you’re prioritizing safety in the company. This way, you can encourage a safer working environment that both workers and potential customers will like.


Ensure Tools Are Handy And Accessible

By having a tool attached to a tool lanyard, you are more efficient when working at heights. Since the tool is secured and is not at risk of falling to the ground, then you can ensure that it’s always with you! This makes working at heights more convenient since you’re not scared of losing the tool. It’s just attached to you or the surrounding structure. This way, you can focus on your work and quickly finish it on time!


Reduce Time Wasted On Retrieval

When a tool falls, the natural thing to do is to get it back, so you can continue your work. But what if you’re working at great heights? Or maybe you can’t go down freely, so you have to ask someone else to retrieve the tool for you. Because you didn’t use a tool lanyard, you have to waste time on getting the tool back, which can affect your productivity at work. 


Key Takeaway

A tool lanyard is a short strap or line that is often used to secure a tool while you’re working overhead. There are many reasons why you need tool lanyards on your worksite. This device ensures that when the tool falls, it won’t hit the ground or the people below. By stopping the fall with a secure line, you can prevent injuries to other workers and damage to property. But the lanyard can also help ensure that tools are handy and accessible — so you don’t have to waste time on retrieval if it falls. 

If you want to purchase a tool lanyard for your precious tools and other hand tools in the Philippines, you can buy them here at Tolsen!

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