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5 Essential Power Tools For Beginners

5 Essential Power Tools For Beginners

What are some essential power tools for beginners?

  1. Power Drill
  2. Jigsaw
  3. Circular Saw
  4. Random Orbit Sander
  5. Oscillating Multi-tool

Beginning home mechanics often have the same first question: “What power tools do I buy?”. Many are aware of how useful power tools are, but those who are inexperienced don’t know which ones to get first. And it’s very easy to make the mistake of over-investing in tools that you won’t need yet. Before you make that mistake, try to look at our list of essential power tools for beginners below.

The type of power tools you would need depends on the type of projects that you would be doing. For beginners, that’s mostly DIY work. That’s not a bad thing, because it gives us a better idea of what kind of power tools are necessary and which ones are not. The first thing to do is to refrain from getting anything big and industrial that you might not need at home, like a chain hoist.

Next, think about the projects that you have lined up or if you don’t have any, what kind of projects you might do in the future. The following power tools are great multipurpose tools that can help in almost any type of project you’re working on. Take a look at them and see what you might want to buy!

Power Drill

Power Drill

Power drills are essential for almost any job you want, whether that’s making DIY furniture, making home improvements, or anything else. As their name suggests, power drills are used to drill holes with ease. This is important because holes are needed everywhere. You need to drill holes to create attachments like putting screws in. Other than that, you can also use the power drill around the house when you want to hang a new painting. In short, power drills are very versatile power tools that every beginner should have.


A jigsaw is a cutting tool that’s mainly used to cut irregular edges. If you need to cut a curved edge on a piece of wood, the jigsaw is what you should use. Try looking for a jigsaw that feels comfortable in your hands so you can create curved or circular patterns easily. When you get more experienced, you can find more accurate saws than the jigsaw, but this tool is great for beginners.

Circular Saw

Circular Saw

Using a circular saw may seem intimidating, but it’s a really good tool for beginners who want to make accurate cuts on wood. This handheld tool can cut wider wood pieces, and it can be very accurate when used with a clamp-on straight edge. It can even handle other materials such as plywood and medium-density fibreboard or MDF. You may be hesitant at first, but this tool will soon be your go-to cutting tool for your wood projects! Many workers will suggest that you get a good circular saw first as a beginner power tool.

Random Orbit Sander

Random Orbit Sander

Having a random orbit sander saves you plenty of time and effort in sanding pieces by hand. It uses fastened sand disks with a random orbit motion to make sure that no sanding patterns are left in the wood. Try to avoid sanding indoors because the dust will make a mess. 

It’s crucial to get a sander from a good brand to avoid any flaws in your sanding. We recommend this Random Orbital Sander from Tolsen, with an orbit frequency of 6000-13000opm. It’s great for beginners and would surely give great results.

Oscillating Multi-tool


An oscillating multi-tool is perfect for a beginner because it functions in many ways that other tools can’t. This tool can hold a variety of attachments so that it can perform certain odd jobs around the house or the workshop. As you can expect, it has an oscillating part that you can fit with extra attachments. It can be used to trim nails or screws, trim wood and floorboards, do plunge cuts, remove rust, sand down furniture, and many others. For this one, you can try Tolsen’s Oscillating Multi-tool as it comes with several useful attachments that are good for beginners.

Key Takeaway

With these essential power tools for beginners in your arsenal, you would be all set to tackle that project or home improvement on your own! Getting the tools listed here is definitely enough to get you started, but you can always add more as long as your resources allow. Remember to prioritize the tools that you need over fancy tools that may sound good but won’t be useful to you.

If you want quality tools, then get all of your power tools from Tolsen! We are the leading developer of hand tools and other types of tools in the Philippines, boasting years of experience and with our tools tried and tested by many in the world. If you buy from our online shop, we ship nationwide! Look through our catalog here if you’re interested, or contact us for any questions!

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