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How to Use a Demolition Breaker

How to Use a Demolition Breaker

How do you use a demolition breaker?

  1. Find a quality demolition breaker
  2. Make safety a priority
  3. Always refer to the instruction manual
  4. Prepare the area
  5. Choose the right bit
  6. Know where to begin
  7. Use the demolition breaker

A demolition breaker, often known by the name demolition hammer, is a power tool strong enough to break down various materials such as concrete surfaces, tile flooring, or wooden walls. The tool uses a hammer and impact mechanism to hit and make holes in materials. It’s one of the most important tools in all demolition services — whether small projects or industrial level. If you’re interested in how to use a demolition breaker, keep on reading. 

Find A Quality Demolition Breaker

Find A Quality Demolition Breaker

Before you learn how to use a demolition breaker, you first need to know how to choose the right tool that matches your needs. Choose a brand that has a good reputation in the market. Make sure that they follow the safety guidelines when manufacturing and testing the tools. 

Other than that, you also need to look at the features of the demolition breaker. Pick something that has a great performance-to-weight ratio. You should be able to comfortably work with the hand tool without getting tired easily. Consider the power, impact rate, impact force, and other features of the tool, as no demolition breaker is the same.

Don’t forget to check what accessories the demolition breaker comes with, so you can reduce your expenses. For instance, the Tolsen Industrial Hex Chuck Demolition Breaker 1500w comes with an auxiliary handle, point chisel, flat chisel, carbon brush, and hex key.

Make Safety A Priority

A demolition breaker can be very heavy, which means that it can be difficult to maneuver while working. Make sure that you and other people near you are wearing personal protective equipment. This includes a hard hat, protective glasses, dust mask, safety gloves, safety boots, and others. 

These will also protect you from the particles and dust that are produced during demolition. Other than that, remember to wear long-sleeved clothing and trousers to protect your body from fragments that are ejected into the air while working.

Always Refer To The Instruction Manual

Always Refer To The Instruction Manual

Before attempting to use the demolition breaker, make sure that you have thoroughly read the instruction manual that it comes with. Each demolition breaker will differ, so the manual will teach you how to safely use it while maximizing the features. Never operate a hand tool without first understanding how it works. 

The  Tolsen Industrial Hex Chuck Demolition Breaker 1500w and Tolsen Industrial Sds Max Demolition Breaker 1050w both come with an instruction manual.

Prepare The Area

If you understand how to properly use a demolition breaker and the safety precautions you need to follow, it’s time to use it. But first, you need to prepare the area. Remove fixtures that could obstruct your proper use of the tool. Turn the power off, especially when using the breaker around the outlets. 

Choose The Right Bit

Choose The Right Bit

A demolition breaker comes with chisel bits that you can use depending on what you’re working with. Smaller bits are recommended for tight spaces. Pointed ones are highly-effective at splitting rocks. Flat tip chisels allow you to control the direction or can be used to work around edges.

Know Where To Begin

Be strategic when working with a demolition breaker. For instance, if you’re working on a wall, it’s recommended to start demolishing from the center and then downwards. Doing this instead of starting from the top can prevent concrete from falling on you. If you’re working on the floor, you might want to start from the edge, working inside out. 

Use The Demolition Breaker

A demolition breaker can be very heavy. This will depend on the design and the features of the hand tool, but there are breakers that weigh more than 10 kilograms. Make sure to hold the demolition breaker properly, keeping a good grip on the handle and pressing the bit firmly to the surface you’re working on. 

The angle that you work on is also important. Never point the tip straight down, as this will only cause the tool to make a hole in one spot. Instead, point it at an angle, so you can chip the material effectively.

When you’re starting, make short strikes that last around 10 seconds before changing the angle. Lift the chisel bit off the surface from time to time to prevent it from overheating. Remember to take frequent breaks as it can be tiring to use a demolition breaker due to the powerful vibrations. 

Key Takeaway

Knowing how to use a demolition breaker is important to effectively make use of the power tool while keeping yourself and other people on the site safe. Remember to thoroughly read and understand the instruction manual before using a demolition breaker. Take safety precautions and prepare the area before working. While using the demolition breaker, keep a firm grip on the tool and work an angle.

If you’re looking for high-quality demolition breakers that will fit your budget, you can check out our tools here at Tolsen.

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