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6 Types of Hose Connectors

6 Types of Hose Connectors

What are the different types of hose connectors?

  1. Air Hose Connector
  2. Water Hose Connector
  3. Hydraulic Hose Connector
  4. Brass Hose Connectors
  5. Plastic Hose Connectors
  6. Aluminum Hose Connectors

Hoses can be used in almost any industry. This is because a hose is a flexible tube designed to transport fluid materials, and sometimes even solids, from one location to another. There are many types of hoses. But in general, they are attached to outlets of water or pressurized air. The way they are attached is through the use of various hose connector types.

Hose connectors can be used anywhere — be it in the industrial, commercial, or domestic setting. They can also be referred to as fittings, adapters, tap connectors, and couplings among others. Being the versatile tool that hoses are, you may also categorize hose connectors based on different factors. To learn more about these, continue reading on. 


One of the most common ways for hose connectors to be categorized is through genders. There are two hose connector genders and their functions are very straightforward:

  • Male Connector – establishes a connection through insertion
  • Female Connector – establishes a connection through encirclement

Of course, there are still many subtypes from these two genders. You may find many varieties in the market that support male-to-male connections and female-to-female connections as well. It all depends on where and how you plan on using these hose connectors that you should base your decision on.


Hose connectors are also categorized based on their function. When shopping for hose connectors, you may notice the following hose connector types:

Air Hose Connector

As the name suggests, this hose connector is used to connect hoses to sources of pressurized air, such as an air compressor. It can be used when you need air. For example, air pumps or breathing tanks. An air hose connector is equipped with very tight and reliable seals in order to avoid any leakage.

Water Hose Connector

Water Hose Connector

As its name suggests, a water hose connector is used for water. This being said, it’s more common to see water hose connectors in domestic settings such as with garden hoses. 

There are other options for water hose connectors in commercial and industrial settings as well. These are built with better durability as any water leak in a factory environment could cause costly repairs or even worker accidents.

A good example of the use of water hose connectors in the domestic setting is using one with a water stop for a garden hose. A water hose connector can increase a user’s control over the water pressure despite the low-pressure system of a garden hose.

Hydraulic Hose Connector

Hydraulic hoses connectors keep a hydraulic system functioning. You may find these fittings with incredibly secure seals. They maintain a certain level of pressure needed by the hydraulic system. Some examples of hydraulic systems that use hose connectors include valves, pumps, and cylinders.


The material choice impacts the effectiveness of hose connectors. Hence, they can also be categorized based on this factor. Here are some of the materials that are used for hose connectors:

Brass Hose Connectors

Brass water hose connectors are popular due to their durability, corrosion resistance, and ability to handle high pressure. This makes them ideal for use in heavy-duty applications. But, you should still be careful with purchasing brass water hose connectors, since low-quality brass tends to be weak and porous.

Plastic Hose Connectors

Plastic Hose Connectors

Plastic is another material for hose connectors used in domestic settings. This is because plastic does not corrode due to water as much as metal does. Untreated steel would easily rust with that extensive contact with water, much less water moving at low pressures. 

Plastic hose connectors are good options for your gardening needs as it is low maintenance, versatile, and less expensive than other materials. Take it from us — we offer a whole hose connector set at a decent price!

Aluminum Hose Connectors

What makes aluminum different from other metals is that it weighs significantly less — about two-thirds the weight of steel — while having the same mass. Aluminum also possesses good corrosion resistance and is also less expensive than steel. This is why aluminum hose connectors are ideal for wider use in the industrial setting.

Key Takeaway

Hose connectors come between water and air outlets. Choosing the right hose connector type for your application is important. Making the wrong choice may lead to disasters (e.g. using a plastic hose connector for high-heat purposes would lead to melting).  

Now that you have a better idea about the types of hose connectors, it’s time to buy the right hose connector for you! If you’re looking for high-quality plastic hose connectors, we have what you need at Tolsen! In fact, other than hose connectors, we offer top-quality tools in the Philippines. You can shop for our products online, or you can contact us for any inquiries!

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