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Hand Tools In The Philippines From Tolsen

Whether you’re conducting home or business repairs, hand tools are essential in getting the job done. They reduce the human effort to fix things or solve several structural problems that may occur — be it leaks, damages, cracks, or the everyday wear and tear that affects every day objects. Having the right hand tools in the Philippines can easily make all of these possible and Tolsen has just the right hand tool selection at hand.

Industrial Bottle Jack

An industrial bottle jack is one of the most versatile hand tools in the Philippines for various industries such as construction, automotive, industrial, and many more. Also known as “hydraulic jacks” these hand tools can raise, lift, or lower various objects and equipment.

Tolsen offers the industrial bottle jacks as one of our compact hand tools available in different sizes and equipped with a number of functionalities. Our hydraulic jacks can meet your requirements for higher loads, easy transport, stable build, easy repositioning, and storage.


Industrial Jack Stand

Tolsen also offers the industrial jack stand in two sizes — 2-ton and 3-ton. This hand tool is a tower-shaped device that can support vehicle loads when suspended. The industrial jack stand is designed to be placed under the axle of the vehicle when elevated. This makes conducting automotive inspections and undercarriage repairs much easier.

Our industrial jack stand is one of our affordable and functional hand tools in the Philippines. Choose from our industrial jack stand that can support load capacities of up to 2,700 kgs.


PE Funnel

Tolsen’s industrial polyethylene funnel (PE Funnel) are general-purpose implements that sport a wide tapered top opening and a narrow tube at the bottom. Made with durable materials on top of quality craftsmanship, our PE Funnels make fluid or powder transmission precise and safe.

PE funnels make pouring fluids, powders, or other types of substances into other containers such as bottles, flasks, or other objects with small slots. The tapered design facilitates easy liquid transport, effectively preventing spills and potential accidents.


Hand Pump

The Tolsen Heavy Duty Hand Pump with a Steel Body comes at a budget-friendly price of just Php 265 pesos. This tube pump can be attached with a small pin to inflate various objects like bicycle wheels, small tires, or even rubber-based balls for recreation.

Built with a durable plastic grip, anyone can comfortably use this Tolsen Hand Pump without experiencing strain. Ergonomic, compact, and high-quality, this hand pump is an extremely functional gear that can be brought anytime, anywhere.


Three-Jaw Gear Puller

As the name suggests, a gear puller is designed to pull gears, bearings, and other small objects from shafts. Using a three-jaw grip, the gear puller makes use of a threaded rod to push against the shaft and apply a small amount of force until the gear comes loose.

Like many professional hand tools in the Philippines, our gear puller makes everyday tasks much safer and more efficient. It has been manufactured with a maximum clamp distance of separation at 100 mm and can be used for both indoors and outdoors. It has been galvanized with zinc coating to make it stand the test of time, no matter indoors or outdoors.


Booster Cable

Also known as a jumper cable, the booster cable is made out of a pair of insulated wires with alligator chips used to connect two car batteries together. Among car owners, a died out battery or stalled vehicle are two of the most common issues they may encounter while on the road. The booster cable provides a temporary energy source to any discharged car battery to reignite the engine.

Tolsen’s booster cable comes at a much thicker gauge for improved safety when jump-starting any vehicle. It can be used for all types of vehicles — i.e. SUVs, sedans, pickups, mini-SUVs, compact vehicles, container trucks, 10-wheelers, and the like.


Why Buy Tolsen Hand Tools In The Philippines?

Tolsen has been the leading manufacturer of professional hardware and industrial hand tools in the Philippines. With a commitment to customer satisfaction and unparalleled production quality, all our products and services offer reliability, cost-efficiency, functionality, and performance for all our customers.


Wide Array Of Tools To Choose From

Aside from our hand tools in the Philippines, Tolsen also offers customers with a wide product selection to choose from. Choose from more than 200 different types of electrical, fastening, tool set, power tools, cables, and other industrial accessories for everyday use. We even offer tons of garden tools in the Philippines! Our one-stop shop online tool store caters to all types of businesses, industries, and private clients for better quality operations.


Nationwide Shipping

While our main office is located in Quezon City, we offer nationwide shipping for all Tolsen products to reach the different corners of the country. Through our simple online ordering process, our customers can simply check out the product/s of their choice, and then we will have the tools shipped and delivered right on their doorsteps. Simple, fast, and easy — our nationwide shipping services continue to provide lasting value to our customers in order to meet demand and satisfy their needs.


Great Value Products

Tolsen is the best tools brand in the Philippines. With us, affordability meets professionalism. All of our products have been internationally tested to meet quality standards while ensuring that our customers experience the best value possible. Each tool we manufacture is of the finest raw materials in the market to make quality tools affordable for everyone in the Philippines

Buy Hand Tools In The Philippines Only From Tolsen!

A world-renowned brand, Tolsen has become the forerunner in quality hand tools in the Philippines, durable hardware, industrial accessories, and a range of other miscellaneous tools for everyday use. Our longstanding commitment to delivering only the most functional and ergonomic products to our customers has made our brand a household name synonymous with quality.

Buy only the best hand tools in the Philippines now only from Tolsen! Click here to check out our full product catalogue or contact us for more information.

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