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5 Uses for a Gear Puller

5 Uses for a Gear Puller

One of the handiest tools that a mechanic can have in their toolbox is a gear puller. Put simply, a gear puller is used to remove various parts from a shaft. This tool has legs or jaws to hold on to the gear and has a forcing screw in the middle that helps you remove pulleys, bearings, gears, or other small parts. With its use, only a little effort would be needed compared to when you use hammers or just your hands.

It’s also useful to free up some stuck parts if needed without having to damage anything. Because of the many gear puller uses there are, the tool is widely used in many industries. And part of the reason why it’s so useful is that it also has many types that can fit in whatever job you need. Before learning about its uses, read on to learn about choosing the right type of gear puller.

Types of Gear Pullers

Gear pullers are useful, but you need to use the correct tool properly to get the job done. It comes in varying shapes and sizes and has different parts depending on what you need to remove.

More commonly, gear pullers have 3 jaws to easily secure the gear you want to remove. It’s the easiest and more efficient way to use a gear puller. It latches onto gears or other parts better and it is well-equipped to apply more pressure. But if you’re working in tight spaces and smaller parts, a 2-jaw gear puller should be enough. If a stubborn part is giving you trouble, you can tighten the puller and let it sit under the pressure for a few minutes. Then, you can start gradually tightening it again until it is finally released.

You can also choose between a mechanical or hydraulic gear puller. A mechanical gear puller requires you to rotate a crossbar to move the center forcing screw towards the shaft. Hydraulic pullers, on the other hand, use a pump to move the forcing screw. They require an additional machine and can be more costly, but hydraulic gear pullers are more effective than mechanical ones.

Gear Puller Uses

While it seems straightforward that gear pullers can remove parts from a shaft, they can be applied in many different situations. They are generally used for gears, pins, wheels, bushings, couplers, sprockets, sleeves, and bearings no matter what industry you’re in. Even the home mechanic will find much use for the gear puller especially if they have a car. Here are some of the ways you can use a gear puller:

Automotives: Cars, trucks, trains, and all other vehicles are filled with gears and small parts that might need a tool to retrieve. A good example is removing wheels or bearings, especially since automotives are prone to having interference such as mud or dirt that make the removal of parts much harder.

Aerospace: Gear pullers in the aerospace industry is understandable enough. This is similar to how they are used in automotives, but on a much larger scale. Planes, helicopters, and other aerial vehicles of all shapes and sizes need constant maintenance, and to disassemble their parts, gear pullers would need to get involved. Of course, you would expect to use bigger industrial 3-jaw gear pullers for jobs like these, and a hydraulic system is often used.

Power Generation: You may not expect it, but workers in power generation also use gear pullers. Large generators have bearings that can’t be dismounted without the proper tool. It may not be used as often in this field, but a gear puller can still come in handy.

Factories: Factories nowadays have a lot of mechanical parts and machines. No matter what you’re manufacturing, there are overwhelming chances that large industrial machines are being used in your factories. Maintenance workers and/or mechanics keep gear pullers in their tool arsenal for easy removal of gears for maintenance work.

Mining: Gear pullers can be used for the equipment used in mining such as large trucks, minecarts, tracks, and others. For this field, the tool can also be useful for pulling pins, bushings, and pulleys.

Oil and Gas: In oil and gas, you can use gear pullers to pull frack pump couplers aside from the usual gears and bearings. As you can expect, all equipment that may have parts needing to be removed will also benefit.

Key Takeaway

With what we discussed in the article, you can’t deny that because of the uses of a gear puller, it becomes an essential tool for most mechanics. Whether you need industrial-grade gear pullers in the factory or just simple 2-jaw pullers for the garage, you can trust Tolsen! We have been the top developer of hand tools in the Philippines for years because of our high-quality products. Check them out through this link, or contact us for any inquiries!

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