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5 Beginner Gardening Tools You Should Have

5 Beginner Gardening Tools You Should Have

What are the beginner gardening tools you should have?

  1. Pruning Shears
  2. Gloves
  3. Garden Fork
  4. Hoe
  5. Shovel

It’s no secret that landscaping and gardening take a lot of work. Fortunately, anything that takes a lot of work can be made easier with the use of tools. Gardening veterans often have an entire shed dedicated to their tools, or at the very least, a toolbox. But if you’re someone who wants to try gardening and doesn’t know where to start, you can begin by ordering beginner gardening tools to make your job easier.

One of the most common mistakes that new gardeners make is to overinvest in tools that they may never need. Although all tools are useful in their own way, some gardening tools are only needed for specific situations. To avoid spending too much, try checking this list of garden tools for beginners that we have prepared. Keep reading to learn more!

Pruning Shears

Pruning Shears

Pruning shears, or hand pruners, are used to cut foliage quickly and efficiently. Gardeners use these shears to trim down some plants whose foliage gets too thick or to cut away unwanted weeds or other invasive plants. There are different types of pruning shears and getting one is always better than using scissors to cut away plant parts.

Even if you’re working with a home garden, it is still a good move to get an industrial pruning shear as it can do the job a lot better than a normal one. Just make sure that the pruner that you get is the right size for the type of plants you want to cultivate and that it fits in your hands easily.


Most new gardeners overlook buying gloves, thinking that they wouldn’t need that much protection against harmless plants. However, gloves provide great protection from natural defense mechanisms that plants have such as thorns, spikes, and sharp-edged leaves. Having gloves will also keep your hands clean while you handle dirt and possibly some smelly natural fertilizer.

When choosing gloves, you need to make sure that it fits your hands just right. Buying one that’s too bulky will make it difficult for you to handle smaller things such as seedlings.

Garden Fork

A garden fork is one of the best tools you can use for turning soil. Because of its design, it can dig into denser soil much better than a spade can. Good quality garden forks can even infiltrate rocky or clay soil. This tool is useful for when you want to plant a seed, create a compost pit, or basically anything to do with digging soil.


For preparing rows of flower beds or cutting away weeds, a hoe is the gardening tool to use. Like the pruning shear, it’s crucial to choose the right type of hoe. 

A bigger garden, like one with vegetables and other crops, would benefit from a wide and sturdier hoe. Meanwhile, smaller gardens will find thinner hoes more useful. To choose the right hoe, pay attention to the length of the handle and the sharpness of the blade while thinking about how you’ll use it in your garden.

Or, you could try getting the ultimate tool for preparing soil: this 3-line fork and hoe! This tool combines the benefits of the hoe and the garden fork, making it easier to till or turn soil with only one tool.



As you may expect, a shovel would be very handy in gardening. Its use is more for those who have wider spaces and bigger gardens, as the shovel can move bigger amounts of soil when needed. 

The smaller version of the tool, the spade, is another must-have for any type of garden.

Both shovels and spades are types of beginner gardening tools that will help you dig holes, move soil, lift sod, and many others. Even though they have different sizes, it is still advisable to get both tools for whatever type of garden you may have. 

Make sure that you get quality spades or shovels, like this steel shovel from Tolsen. It is made of carbon steel with a wooden handle, great for any of your gardening chores!

Key Takeaway

All of the beginner gardening tools mentioned in this list are must-haves for any gardener. But when it comes to more complicated tools, you have to think twice about how useful they would be for you before making the purchase.

If you need gardening tools, you should get the best ones available in the market. Thankfully, we have that here at Tolsen! We are the most trusted supplier of tools in the country, whether that be gardening tools, mechanic tools, or power tools! Check out our products in our catalog!

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